The Cause Of Psoriasis


Today I’m going to talk you about psoriasis. But if you’re reading this and you don’t have psoriasis but you have eczema, or you have acne, or you have rashes, or you have irritation on the skin – just be rest assured that this is an all-encompassing article for all skin conditions. But I’m going to focus mainly on psoriasis, and hopefully, this can help a few people.

If you’re reading this and you have skin problems, why do you have it? People think that skin problem (and it’s no fault to them because we’ve never been taught this) come out of the air that comes from planet zircon, and they’re just something that you’re afflicted with. We have to realize that these things have been created in our body by our parents and by us because they passed down these genetic weaknesses. But in short, whenever I see someone with psoriasis, I have seen it in varying degrees, and there is some psoriases out there that are covering people’s entire body and is devastating to them. I know what it’s like to be in this world and feel so insecure about your skin and I’m lucky that I was a girl, so I could slather on the makeup and cover it up. But guys that have psoriasis they can’t do that.

Anyway, if you have psoriasis, your body is systematically acidic. So our body wants to be alkaline at a pH 7.365. And there are only two sides to chemistry:

  • so you can either be alkaline and be healthy, be eating plant foods, be alkalizing your body with every meal ;
  • or you can be on the acidic side, which is where you get diseases, it’s where you get skin conditions like psoriasis.


So if you’re eating meat, dairy, processed foods, cola, candy, sweets – all of that stuff is very acid forming in the body. And then when you’re on this side, that’s when you get sick, and that’s when your body goes “Okay, I am being taken down, you’re not feeding me what’s right, so I’m going to give you voiceless communicators like skin conditions to tell you that something’s wrong”. So if you have a rash, or psoriasis, or eczema, or acne, I always say, it’s the voiceless communicator of your body to tell you to “Look, something’s obviously not right here. You need to do something about this because it’s never going to go away.”

When you get psoriasis, people’s immediate reaction obviously is to freak out and go to the doctor. Whether you go to the dermatologist or just a regular physician, they’re going to scratch their head, and they’re going to say “I don’t understand why you have this but the only thing I know what to do is give you probably a topical cream, and this is probably going to be a steroid cream.” Why don’t we want to put steroids on top of our skin or orally? Because steroids wreak havoc on the adrenal glands.  If you know anything about health, you want to keep regenerate and hold very tightly on to healthy adrenal glands, and steroid creams do not give health in any sense of the word. What they’re doing is they are stopping the symptoms of the body, and I know that there’s a lot of nasty side effects to steroid creams and oral steroids.

If you want to fix any skin problem, including psoriasis, you have to go to the cause of the problem, which is acidity, and toxicity, and genetic weakness in the body. The skin’s like the body’s third kidney. Now, the kidneys are the only two organs in the body that eliminate the lymphatic waste – the waste in the body. The lymphatic system is like the gigantic sewer system. If you’re getting any skin problem that is your body’s way of saying “Look, the kidneys aren’t working right, so I’m going to expel all of this junk out of the skin,” and then you get psoriasis, and acne, all of that. So you have to go to the kidneys, and you have to detoxify them.