We offer helpful products for children and adults to assist with 
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Speech Easy – Help for Stuttering

SpeechEasy is an in-the-ear device that helps control and reduce stuttering.

Due to the miniaturization and advanced technology achieved through use of computer chips, it is discrete and effective.

SpeechEasy takes advantage of delayed and modified auditory feedback, which can dramatically decrease the tendency to stutter.

A variety of models can be purchased, from a less expensive receiver worn in the pocket with ear-buds, to a tiny, inconspicuous, high-end version that fits entirely into the ear-canal.

Alida Engel, a board recognized specialist in fluency disorders, can provide testing and trial use of a SpeechEasy device, to determine its effectiveness for interested patients.

Product Reviews

Review by SpeakingofSpeech.com, (4/2011)

How many times have you heard students and even parents say that they just don’t have time in their busy lives for speech homework? Soccer practice, dance lessons, karate competitions, baseball games! Sometimes it seems that the only time that kids and parents are together is when they are in the car going to and from all of these extra-curricular activities. So, thought Alida Engel, why not find a creative way to incorporate speech practice into today’s busy lives? And so, her audio CD, “R” in the Car, was born.

“R” in the Car” is a delightful CD of lively songs that are loaded with initial, vocalic, and blended /r/ sounds, written and performed by Jay Mankita and the Grooveniles. Interspersed with the 10 songs are suggestions by Alida for producing the various target sounds. On the Center for Speech and Learning web site, you’ll find printable activities for each song, along with downloadable sheets of song lyrics.

While this CD would be ideal for “on the go” speech practice for individual students, I have also found it to be a useful tool in the therapy room. My students enjoyed the novelty of singing in therapy, and the lively tunes and rhythms helped to increase the muscle tension they needed for. The printable activities were great for auditory bombardment and discrimination practice. I shared this CD with a kindergarten teacher in my school and she is now using it in her classroom. I would highly recommend this CD for anyone interested in a new way to teach and practice.

The CD you developed is really excellent
I want to congratulate and thank you for such a splendid contribution to our therapy tools. The CD you developed is really excellent, with interesting lyrics and wonderful music and singing. I know it was a ton of work, and I am so proud of you for this accomplishment. I will pass R in the Car around the clinic and talk about it to our slp’s after which you can expect an order from me.
— Brendan O’Connor Webster, M.A., CCC, Center for Speech, Language and Occupational Therapy, Inc.