Tricks to Last Longer In Bed

Today I will tell you about some tips how to avoid premature ejaculation and to last longer in bed.

Step one is breathing deeply with your lower belly. Deep breathing enhances the effects of the relaxation. If you breathe deeply, the more you are going to distribute your sensations of turned on and get concentrated on the tip of your penis into the rest of your body. Not only does that delay ejaculation, but it also creates a full body orgasm experience for you. So that you want to keep going on and on and on because it feels so amazing.

Step two is sounding. This is one of the most efficient but poorly used sexual tools in your repertoire. So women sound freely during sex, and that is one of the reasons they are more naturally orgasmic, and they can last longer in the bedroom. But for men usually, you are very very quiet unless you are in a state of orgasm. What you need to do is learn to sound your sexual sensations. It can be a huge turn on two women; they love seeing that you are feeling it and enjoying it. Once you start sounding your sensations, you are going to naturally move sexual energy rapidly through your body. It is going to take the pressure off of ejaculation and help you last longer.

If you are in a place where you can’t be super loud, or you might disturb the children – Darth Vader sex is harder than it sounds.

Step number three is Jedi Mind Control. So you can also move sexual sensations with the power of your mind. You only will build up of pressure and feel happening in your penis to flow through your entire body in the same circuit with mind control.

Step number four – build strength doing regular exercises with the muscles of your penis will give you increased power but also a better mind-body connection that produces neuronal sensitivity that can help you feel more in tune with and also more in control of the activities of your penis.

So there are two basic exercises that I recommend for this. The first that you can do throughout your day is whenever you go to pee you want to start and stop your urine stream periodically. What it does, it strengthens the muscles that you could contract to use to pull your sexual energy up through your body.

You can take premature ejaculation treatments like PrematureX, Prosolution Plus or Delay to stay longer in bed. Some men report they have started to feel the results in three weeks. Some men stayed 5-10 minutes longer than before, but sometimes the results were much better – 20-30 minutes of sexual performance in total without an ejaculation. There are medical reviews, that confirm the effectiveness of premature ejaculation pills. You can find top rated products here

The second exercise is the periodically squeeze the muscles around your perineum, 20-40 times a day. It increases pelvic floor strength that helps your sexual energy and sexual sensations move up and in your body rather than down.